How to upload folders from my PC to My Cloud

How do I upload individual folders (and their files) from my PC to My Cloud?

If you are asking how to copy files/folders to a local network My Cloud, one would use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder and copy the files/folders like they would to any other location.

If you are asking how to copy data to a My Cloud located on a remote network then one would use one of the My Cloud programs/apps to access the remote My Cloud and transfer the files.

If you haven’t done so already, read the My Cloud User Manual to gain an understanding of how to use the device.

Not a very helpful answer. I raised the issue because I couldn’t copy folders to My Cloud. It is quite possible that I am not s clever as you but if this is all the help you can offer perhaps you shouldn’t bother.
I have tried using Widows Explorer and while that enables me to copy files, it does not copy folders.
I have downloaded the My Cloud programs/apps and they will not run…

Before criticizing the answer perhaps look at the question you posted. You asked; “How do I upload individual folders (and their files) from my PC to My Cloud?” You did not indicate if you were uploading files/folders across the local network to a My Cloud on the local network or if you were accessing a remote My Cloud and attempting to upload files/folders.

It would help if you provide more information for we fellow My Cloud users to assist. What program(s) have you downloaded? If uploading using a web browser what web browser? Are you attempting to upload to a local network My Cloud or a remote My Cloud? When you say “Windows Explorer” is that Windows File Explorer or Windows Internet Explorer?

Your fellow users can only go by the information you provide, when attempting to provide answers or solutions.

Edit to add: If copying to a local network My Cloud one can copy entire folders to a My Cloud Share using Windows File Explorer. What you cannot do is copy a Folder to the top level of the My Cloud where the Share’s reside. Generally Shares are created through the My Cloud Dashboard.

I also have the same issue as the OP.
This is what I experienced, maybe you can explain how to get it to work as expected.
Using Firefox on my PC I connected to, went to my share and created a folder using the button on the UI. I then navigated to the folder I wanted to upload on my PC using Windows File Explorer. I selected the source folder that contained many subfolders and dragged it onto the now open new folder on mycloud. The files copied over to mycloud. The result however was that on mycloud all files were at the same level and no folders were there. I copied 19,000 plus files so as you can imagine that is totally useless as far as being able to use mycloud to find a file easily. I deleted all the uploaded files and tried again using the upload button within the mycloud UI. This doesn’t allow you to select a folder, only a file. So as the OP says, how do you copy folders to mycloud? I am not trying to use or setup a backup using WDSync or WDSmartware. I just want to be able to manually save a folder full of subfolder and files to mycloud. I don’t have the drive space on my PC to be able to use WDSync, so that isn’t an option.

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On windows file explorer if you click on the folder name you have the option of copy or cut. This will
copy or cut the folder to any other mapped device.

How do you map the mycloud personal cloud directory to be able to paste? I am still not seeing a way to get the folder uploaded.

In the file explorer. Click on This PC. There you will see an option to map a network drive. Click on that. Then you can browse the network looking for your My Cloud. or you can enter the ip address of the My Cloud device like //
You also can change the drive letter if you want.

I am having trouble with network discovery at the moment. It said it was turn off, but turning it on hasn’t worked. I will keep trying. Thanks for the info. Fingers crossed it will work.

My PC won’t let me map a drive. It just says it can’t connect and to check spelling etc. The diagnose function doesn’t help either. I guess I will have to keep trying. I’ll update this thread if I have any success.

Not sure about the check spelling. I just tried to map a drive using a non existent ip address.
It tried to map it but could not find it. Which is what I would have expected you to get.

OK I have it working now. I had forgotten to put \ before the IP. Files are copying over now.
Thanks again @rac8006 couldn’t have done it without you.

You are welcome.

Hopefully iy also helps @Glyn_G

Even though the question has already been answered WD Support has a Knowledgebase article detailing how to “map” a Share when accessing a My Cloud on the local network.



Edit to add: Also, mapping a Share is discussed several times in the My Cloud (single drive) User Manual. For example in the v2.x user manual on page 24. Page 88. And page 94.

Thanks @Bennor. I didn’t know that is what I needed to do originally. It is good to have this info in the thread for any others that may have a problem.

Did you ever get this figured out? Because I just figured it out and was able to copy multiple folders from my NetGear ReadyNAS directly to the My Cloud Home, and it worked perfectly, and I will post the solution if you are interested.

What is with the garbage replies on this post? Not only from WD but from users?

If you go to the drive over the local network, the drive cannot be reached. I don’t know the technicals. I shouldn’t have to. I bought a NAS drive to put on my network and instead WD propriety software looks me out of the drive.

How do you setup a WD MyCloud drive to be accessible over the network. No, I don’t want to mirror. I want to move files and have them live on that drive only.

What specific My Cloud device do you have?

For the single bay/single drive My Cloud (the general subject of this subforum) one can setup the My Cloud using the My Cloud Dashboard.

If one is using Windows 10 then one should ensure SMB1.0/CIFS is enabled. Microsoft disables this setting in new Windows 10 installs and in existing versions through a patch update previously issued a while ago.

If you haven’t done so already you may also want to read the User Manual for your My Cloud device. The User Manual explains how to use the device and its features. One can find the User Manual for their device on the WD My Cloud Support website.

One can access their local network My Cloud using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.

Hi All!
I am trying to copy an entire jump drive. Is there a way to do that? I try to drop it in to mycloud and it shows that the files are transferring, however many of the folders are empty when I try to open them. The jump drive is quite large and I would like the easiest ways to transfer all these files.
I really appreciate any help and support.