How to upload files to another MCM device on the other side of the earth

I have an MCM. I am thinking of buying another one, for my parents, on the side of the earth. What I need, is to upload files (not small ones, but videos of my babies) to their device from my home. I don’t want the remote sync feature, or the HTTP link share, since they are not that good at internet. The easiest way I could think of, is creating a user on their device, and link that user to my account. Then I upload files through web interface.

Are there any other better ways?


that is your best solution. I believed there is no other easy way.

Either that or copy them to a suitable sized USB stick drive and post it to them (never underestimate the data transfer rate of media in the mail). They can then stick it in the back of their MCM and copy it onto their hard drives.