How to Update to My Cloud OS 5 Limited Public Release?

Before you can start trying out the My Cloud OS 5, your device must be updated to the firmware 2.41.106 first. You can download the firmware from the links below. If you have important data stored on your current device, remember to back them up first before upgrading to the My Cloud OS 5 software.

My Cloud Mirror Gen 2

My Cloud EX2 Ultra

My Cloud EX4100

My Cloud PR2100

My Cloud PR4100

If you need instructions on how to manually update your device’s firmware, you can refer to this knowledge base article

How to install the My Cloud OS 5 mobile app?

The My Cloud OS 5 mobile app is available for download from iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

How to access the My Cloud OS 5 web app?

The My Cloud OS 5 web app can be accessed via