How to Unzip File in MyCloud

How can I unzip a ZIP file in MyCloud without downloading the zip file, extract the files and then upload them one-by-one?

If you’re talking the unit then I just right click , choose unzip to , select the path and it works.

If you are talking about the web portal to your unit…then you can’t.

I’m accessing the unit from the web interface. When I right click I don’t see any “unzip” option. See attached image. I would like to unzip the file directly in the unit, not to my local machine.

image link


From the web interface, then no, you can’t.

What device are you using? If a Desktop or Laptop do you have the Desktop app?

i couldn’t find any option from web or smartware or the desktop app. appreciate any help.

Here is what I have been able to do. Using the desktop app and double clicking on the zip file I can use Stuffit Expander to unzip the file onto my computer. So far this is the only way I have found. I can’t unzip to My Cloud even though I changed the setting on Stuffit Expander.

If you search the forum for plink. You will get examples like the following:
plink.exe -ssh -l root -pw welc0me /sbin/shutdown -h -P now
If you file is on the My Cloud you should be able to do something like the folowing:
plink.exe -ssh -l root -pw welc0me unzip -d

thank you very much, i managed to ssh into mycloud and perform the unzip remotely. best regards!

Can you share the steps and commands you used to unzip the file, please