How to tweak the My Book World Edition II for performance?

Calling all WD gurus

Q. Has anyone tweaked their WDWE2 box to make it run faster (or be more responsive)?


I have 2 TB (2 x 1 TB) WD WE2 unit, and several DLNA clients, mainly two Sony Bravia tele’s and a PS3 (might buy a denon unit as some point). I also use the unit to provide backup for the wife’s and the kids PC/s / profiles.

I am experiencing a lag (slowness) when browsing the music as either thumbnails or a list, and sometimes it takes a while (minutes) for the WDWE2 to become responsive after playing an album and trying to select something else to play.

I think I’m a typical user, I don’t use the bit torrent client or the MIO remote access (mainly because the work’s firewall blocks it). I don’t have any requirement for NFS or AFP either. The main attraction about the device was that it was RAID1 to secure my digital data, so bought one for Christmas.

I’m wondering if anyone has performed any tweaks (disable services, etc) to make the WDWE2 more responsive, I’m running the latest version of code, and notice some anomalies (i.e. instead of just seeing under “music” the music files, I’m now presented another tree to first select music, video or photos). This is the same for music, video and photos.

At the moment, I have around 10,000 MP3’s (all 320kbps ripped), 32 videos, and 5000 photos. The device is 1 Gb connected, and so is the PS3. However the Sony Bravia’s (32w5500 & 40we5) are only 100 Mb, so can’t change the MTU from 1500. I’m in the process of ripping about a further 300-400 albums to the device, so hoping someone can point me in the right direction please?


Cache memory:

6629 KB

Last database change:

In Progress
[~/DataVolume/Public/Shared Music]

Music tracks:








License information:

The Server is registered.

Server uptime:

13 days, 21:38:52 hours

Server built date:

Sep 27 2010

Server restart pending:




Network Interfaces:

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

code version is;

Firmware Information
Description NAS Firmware
Version 01.02.06 with MioNet
Last Upgrade Mon, 14 Feb 2011 22:46:00