How to transfer entire iTunes library to NAS without losing current library settings?

Hi all, I would like to have my iTunes library on my NAS. Now everything is stored on a hard disk on my pc. Now iTunes server means it adds music on the NAS to tour current library it seems… Wat i want to do is just transfer my emtire library with all the settings like checked items, playlists, play count, labels, pictures etc to the NAS. How do i do that? Thamks for the tips.

I found this in the FAQ that may help you:

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Keep in mind that if you move your library to an external drive, you will want to keep a backup of those files. Once the files are moved off your internal drive, the NAS becomes the primary copy of the file. If something were to happen to the NAS (power surge, falling off the table, drive failure, etc.) your entire library could be lost without a backup.



Maybe anoter solution might be using Copytrans Tuneswift. I have this suite of  Copytrans installed, but I did not dare to use the Copytrans Tuneswift to move my library to the NAS. Has anyone tried? If so, did it work?

I only used CopyTrans Tuneswift to back up the Itunes library.