How to transfer data from another server?

I just bought a WD My Cloud EX2. I have two old servers: a NetGear and a Seagate. I need to transfer my data off both of these servers onto the new WD. Doing this wirelessly would take forever. What is the best way to transfer the data? I had thought I could use the USB ports, but I am a novice and have no idea what I am doing. Searching on the internet didn’t yield anything I could understand and use. Anyone have guidance for me on how to effect the data transfer? Thank you!!

How do you access the servers now?

I imagine you should see all the machines in Windows explorer.
From there. . . isn’t it a matter of “drag and drop”?

Note: I think the PC that is running windows will want to be on a Ethernet cable to the router if you want LAN speed as opposed to WiFi speed. The key is you want a computer on the wired network to manage the transfer.

Edit: Oh right. . . .how many laptops today have an Ethernet jack? I am desktop machine centric, and the last laptop I bought has a Ethernet jack. Checking amazon, I see you can buy a USB-Ethernet jack adaptor for about $14. I suggest that if you don’t have an Ethernet jack on your computer, you buy one of these adaptors. It will make life much better.