How to Test My Book Live Data Transfer Speeds?

I recently bought a 2 TB My Book Live and I’m not sure how to test the data transfer speeds. Any suggestions?

What is the avaerage speed I should see over Wifi vs Ethernet?

This won’t answer your question because far too many elements affect transfer speeds.

Wireless: if your on the new 802.11n  protocol between computer and router then they claim 300mbits/s is possible however I have only ever seen 130Mbits/s on my system, if not “N” then about 50Mbits/s.

Ethernet: again depends on actual type and cable quality, minimum cat 5e is suggested and maybe 100Mbits/s is advise (read this as technically slower than 802.11n) some dedicated NAS systems with self contained CPU and Ethernet cards claim 1000mbits/s but again real world differs, best I’ve seen using a network meter on my system is 24MB/s

Life now gives us a very cruel fact Mbps and MB/s are 2 different things but for ever mixed up when talking about bandwidth and through put, here is a online converter that may help


Bottom line is! it is what it is!


Thanks for the conversion tool. All I need is an app now :wink: