How to tell things are backing up

This is question one of two.  I noticed after the full backup that various folders were visible with contents on the Passport.  This includes my Documents folder.  I recently added a new .doc file to my Documents folder.  I looked to see if it was on the Passport.  No go.  Brought up MD Smartware.  After much time and kicking it slowly and reluctantly decided to announce that it was backing up 900+MB (presumably new stuff since the original backup).  After this I went and looked again.  Nope, the new file was Still Not Listed.  Now if it stores only the original backup in full readable form and keeps everything else squished out of sight that’s fine, long as it restores.  But if I cannot so much as add a new letter to my document files and be sure that it is actually backed up, then I might as well go back to my original backup by hand.  Sooo… if there is anybody in here who can tell me how to verify this, please do so.  Nothing in the manual helps.

When the files are backed up you wont see the files in the root folder

also, files will be backed up within a 24 hour period

to see if the files have been backed up open the software and go to the backup tab

check data for backup and data backed up and compare the size