How to sync the desktop and the documents folder of a Mac?

Isn’t it possible to sync on My Cloud Home the Desktop and the Documents folder? If it’s possible, how do you do that?

This should help

I can not make it work with the Desktop and the Documents folders.
I can do this with every single folder inside Desktop and Documents, but it would be easier (and safer) if it can be set to sync everything I create on the Desktop and in my Documents folder while I work…
Do I need to adjust my settings?

Okay, I solved the problem: if the Desktop and the Documents folder are already synchronized on iCloud Drive, they can not be synchronized also on My Cloud.
Once you stop the synchronization on iCloud Drive, you can choose to use My Cloud to store both the Desktop and the Document folder.

Hi Sergio, this didn’t work for me.
WD shows up in the right-click menu with all - well at least most of them - folders except the documents folder.
And the documents folder is not synced with iCloud

Hi Support, I can’t sync the documents folder in my Mac.
It’s not syncing with iCloud.
I can sync the other folders though.
Can you help me resolve this?