How to switch on and off the HD?

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Do you mean the WD ?

Sorry do you mean the Mycloud?


Turn On = Plug it in.

Turn Off = Go to the dashboard and shut it down.

Eli-Tsigante wrote:

Incomplete answer: After shutdown unplug power because it does NOT switch off!!! 

He asked how to shut the HD off, not the NAS.   I answered his question, not yours.

Eli-Tsigante wrote:

…Whatever fits your perfect knowledge of your ugly mother tongue.


My question was probably unclear.

My last NAS had a power on/off button on it.

I just wonder that there is none on the WD My cloud.

Is unplugging the only way to turn it off ?


phil-ok wrote:

Is unplugging the only way to turn it off ?

To prevent it from drawing ANY power, then yes, it must be unplugged.


Does it mean it is not designed to be regularly switch off ?

IMHO, yeah, it’s intended to be on 24x7.

NASes take a while to boot that it becomes tedious to turn it on right when you need it…

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