How to stream Public with icecast

Hi can someone help me how to stream public with icecast installed on wdmycloudex2?

Please give me some information about streaming my music through Icecast puplic because when i install it gives me only this information.

IceCast A free server software for streaming multimedia. Note : Support for each app should be obtained through the individual vendor 

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Friday, 28 November, 2014 6:59:42 

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how can i find the public ip to listen it public.

is it possible this?and how? thanks 

Hi, I haven’t tried using IceCast, have you tried to look for information on the IceCast forums?

Just click on the button “Configure”.

There You set the Port of the icecast server (default 8000)

Then You have to set up a playlist which You name (Important to know), give a genre and desciption (not so important).

Then You have to select some music files from the shares on your EX2.

After that You save the playlist and hit the Play button in the Playlist list.

To test open a player of your choice and open stream URL http://:8000/<NAME-OF-PLAYLIST.m3u

If the EX2 is behind some router and You want access the stream from Internet You have to do portforwarding on the Router. Forward External Port 8000 to internal IP of Your EX2 and Port 8000. How to do that You’ll find in the manual of Your router. Your router should also tell You Your public IP

Of course You then have to change URL in player to http://:8000/<NAME-OF-PLAYLIST.m3u

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Thanks for this information. I have it up and running without issue in WinAmp working on the LAN perfectly.

The question is why is it not working on the WAN side?

I have my ports forwarded properly, edcast connects but when trying to open URL it says “http/1.0 404 file not found”.

I am not using port 8000 but I have made sure that the correct port is setup in my forwarding. If it wasn’t why would edcast connect?

I know the m3u is there, works on the LAN side and is playing.

Got it!

The M3U file name IS case sensitive!