How to stop WD Cloud from re-backing up "old" photos?

So I have a My Cloud setup where my wife and I both back up our photos. I am using an android device and she is using a iphone. All the photos get backed up and dumped into the “public” folder, and then periodically I will go in and organize the photos into folders within the “public” folder.

After doing this, what I am finding is that photos on her phone subsequently get backed up again and dumped into the public folder. It’s as if because the photos aren’t found in that directory, they are considered “new” and get backed up again. So I am ending up with large amounts of duplicates and have to sort through which have already been organized into folders and which have not. This is also troublesome for photos that are on her phone that we don’t care to keep backed up on our my cloud (ie. MMS images etc). Again, they will get backed up (which I can understand), and then I will manually sort thru and delete them on the mycloud, but she still wants to keep them on her phone. But this results in those images getting backed up each time the app runs a backup.

Even though I’ve set the app to backup new images, is there a way to prevent it from backing up images that have already been previously uploaded (that I have moved into other folders, or deleted from mycloud drive after uploading)?

I hope the above makes sense and you were able to follow what I mean. Thanks in advance for your help! Any help would be great and save me tons of time each month!

PS. I don’t seem to have this issue with my android device. So I don’t know if this is a compatibility with iOS photo album/camera roll.


I haven experienced this, perhaps this happens as you stated before because you remove the files from the folder that the app places the backup. My best advice would be to set the location directly to the correct share, or not to delete the files from the first share the backup copies the files to.

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The Mobile app aggregates all images, regardless of source directory, into a single backup location; it’s hardly convenient. Especially as many people move captured photos into context-based folders outside the backup folder. It would be sensible if the app recorded that it had backep images up, and didn’t do it more than once.

To the OP: create a suggestion thread in the ‘Cloud Ideas’ forum.

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Probably better to make the suggestion in the Software & Apps Ideas section since its dealing with the mobile app. :wink:

Thanks for the replies. And yes, good idea, I’ll also post in the app suggestions section.