How to startup script DL4100?

any one know startup script
i need to keep modify smb.conf after reboot

Please bear in mind such proceedings are not warranted or supported by Western Digital. Extreme caution is recommended.

I need to keep smb.conf (change line invalid users after reboot)

I believe, as opposed to the older WD NASs, that WD has put mechanisms in place to prevent users from bricking their newer NASs by tinkering with internal settings. This makes sense. On the DL4100 and some others they’ve installed the docker system for people to be able to play with when trying to develop apps to operate directly on the NAS.

Question. Why exactly do you want to modify the smb.conf file. What exactly are you trying to do?

Go back to the same problem
The DL4100 has a problem with the AD Windows
The development team can not solve this problem!!
The problem is in the file smb.conf in the line
“invalid users”