How to start Acronis True Image app on MyCloudEX2Ultra?

I want to make scheduled backups from my Android tablet to my MyCloudEX2Ultra.
So I installed the Acronis True Image app on the NAS from the dashboard, where it is provided with some other extra apps that can be installed.
Next I installed the Acronis True Image app on my tablet from the Google Play Store. I started the app on my tablet and it tells me to start the app on the NAS, which should generate a QR-code that I have to read with my tablet to make the connection.
This all is easy and quite straightforward.
Only 1 big problem: how do I start the Acronis app on the NAS to get the QR-code?

Hi guyv,


Clicking on the hyperlink will redirect you to

Dear Peter,
Thank you for your quick reply, but I am afraid that this does not solve my problem. The special conditions for Acronis True Image for WD users is for the PC version. There is nowhere a mention of an Android version. The Android version app from the Play Store needs reading a QR code from the app on the WD NAS. So I need to know how to get the NAS app to start so it can generate that QR code.

Hi, rather than starting a new thread I thought it would be useful to continue this one, due to its relevance to my situation.

I have Acronis Trueimage 2018 installed on my Windows PC and the associated apps installed on both my Samsung MOB and Tablet.

On my My Cloud EX2 Ultra I have the pre-installed Acromis 2015, which has the Configure option greyed out, as per the example shown by Peter.g. I followed the link as described and purchased a second licence for Trueimage 2018.

Now this is where things get complicated. The download from Acronis is an exe whereas the installation requirement for apps is bin, presumably as the underlying OS is Linux. So, having purchased the software I now find that I am unable to install it.

Answers on a postcard please.


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