How to sign out of Netflix

My son signed into his Netflix account while visiting us and convinced us to sign up with Netflix. But now we can’t sign him out to sign in with our new account. When we click on Netflix, it just goes directly to his favorites. How do we switch?

Go to SETUP. SYSTEM… DEVICE RESET… Reset all online service accounts.

So there’s no way to reset just Netflix? 

Nope, not unless you can do it from

Thanks, but I found the way to do it, convoluted as it is:

I originally searched for “log out Netflix” and found nothing. “Sign out netflix” got me that thread.

Basically you go into Netflix and hit a long sequence of arrow buttons on the remote. You get a popup showing who is logged in and giving you the option to deactivate the account. From there it gets you sign out and then sign in again.

Kind of a dumb way to do it, if you ask me. And resetting all accounts is worse, given the pain it is to enter text. With all the smarts this box has, I think they goofed on this one.

Well, frack.  I forgot about that little trick.  

Anyway, the ENTIRE NetFlix “experience” is NETFLIX’s design, not WDs.   Gotta keep that in mind…

If NetFlix doesn’t have a “Log Out” mechanism, that’s NetFlix’s issue…  In all the WD-Designed Service UI’s (YouTube, Flickr / Picassa / etc, there IS a logout option…)

And having the WD UI support a Logout for EVERY App would be a rather long menu… :wink:

It might be worth an *IDEA* entry to have an OPTION on each SERVICE’s item to do a Logout…

You have a point there. It’s really Netflix who should take care of their own user interface. Given the recent business fiasco Netflix put on themselves, maybe their think tank needs a refill in the tech department, too. 

But it is worth submitting the IDEA about options on services. I’ll head over there later to do that.

Thanks. Have a Happy New Year!