How to shutdown!

I wonder how to shutdown the nas MyCloudEXUltra?

No physical switch on the NAS, no option on the webapp: only Hibernate or Reboot…

Shall I unplug it and crash the disks?

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I found the following information on the user guide, but there is NO button on the front of my device — please help!

I just have a symbol and a led but no button on the front…

Is “hibernate” mean shutdown? I know English is not my first language but hey :wink:

Yes, more or less.

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Thank you for your answer… I think it’s very misleading… Even more misleading when you look for a button which does not exist. :- :scream:

I complained about it several years ago, as have many others, but WD doesn’t listen.


It used to be called “Shut Down” or “Power Off” in older releases from memory and then WD in their infinite wisdom decided to rename it to “Hibernate”. Not sure why, as it really is a power off sequence. It is not like the current state of memory in the unit is saved to disk and then recalled when powered back on like a traditional “Hibernate” task, would do.




The term “hibernate” is really ridiculous for these units.

Wait till you try the “sleep” function. HaHaHa