How to shutdown!

I wonder how to shutdown the nas MyCloudEXUltra?

No physical switch on the NAS, no option on the webapp: only Hibernate or Reboot…

Shall I unplug it and crash the disks?

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

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I found the following information on the user guide, but there is NO button on the front of my device — please help!

I just have a symbol and a led but no button on the front…

Is “hibernate” mean shutdown? I know English is not my first language but hey :wink:

Thank you for your answer… I think it’s very misleading… Even more misleading when you look for a button which does not exist. :- :scream:


It used to be called “Shut Down” or “Power Off” in older releases from memory and then WD in their infinite wisdom decided to rename it to “Hibernate”. Not sure why, as it really is a power off sequence. It is not like the current state of memory in the unit is saved to disk and then recalled when powered back on like a traditional “Hibernate” task, would do.



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The term “hibernate” is really ridiculous for these units.

Wait till you try the “sleep” function. HaHaHa

You can try this might not work on the MyCloudEXUltra but you can give it a try.

WD removed the shut down or hibernate button for whatever reason in newer firmwares instead you have to edit a line of HTML code to make it reappear.

Hopefully this works for you and hopefully WD will get their act together for My Cloud OS 6. :joy:

Same question here…since WD Quick View is no longer support…
I have to shutdown from My Cloud android app but unfortunately must have Internet Connection, can’t shutdown if no internet, even in the same network/Wi-Fi/router/subnet :frowning:
also shutdown from app, WD My Cloud’s LED is still ON.

Wow!!! Not to dredge up a ridiculous situation, but WOW!! Unbelievable that there is no longer a [Shutdown] button to Shut Down my device within the software to perform this safely. This USED TO exist in OS3 and worked great. I wonder if it is the same actual function just someone with finite wisdom decided to change the display value to an arbitrary identifier (wrong name).

I did try the one posted in the video above, the the Inspect does not provide a ‘Shutdown’ option to turn On. OS5 does not appear to have this option.

This is the WD method of shutdown - How to Shut Down a My Cloud Device.

I don’t think holding down the Power button on the front is a “Safe” way to shut it down. Seems more like a hard shut down. I don’t do this to my standard systems unless I absolutely have to.

Seems somewhat ridiculous and completely non-intuitive.

Thanks WD.

Makes me want to move to a new platform sooner than expected.


What you want to do is “Hibernate”.

Once hibernated, the machine will reboot if the main power (i.e. power strip) is cycled.

If you want a hibernating unit to stay “off”; then unplug it.