How to share one specific folder in MyCloud

Hi All,

I have tried this several times and I always give up, since I don’t find the right way of doing it. Hopefully you can give me a hand on this.
Apart from my admin Mycloud user, I want to create another user for my brother that lives abroad, so he can access to my MyBookLive through MyCloud and download/upload files. But I wanted him only to be able to see one specific folder.
This is the structure of my MyBookLike:
—Shared Music
—Shared Videos (This is the only folder I want to share with him)
—Shared Pictures

Any idea about the steps I need to do?

Regards and Thanks.

Hello, welcome to the community.

The way that the My Book Live works is that the “Public” folder will always be public, is designed like that, and everything within the public folder will be public to any user within the network or any user that you allow remote access.

The best way to accomplish what you are trying to do is the following:

  • Create a share for you on the dashboard.
  • Set this share to private and only give your user access.
  • Transfer all your information to this share.
  • Give your brother access to the My Cloud and copy the files/folders that you want for him to have access on the public folder.
  • You can change the permissions for the time machine and smartware shares to private.

Thanks! I will definetely try it!