How to share a video file link so it plays in a browser?

As a test, I placed a video file on my WD My Cloud Personal NAS, got a share link to the file from, pasted the link into a browser, clicked on the file name, and the file downloaded to my computer – which is useful, but not what I wanted.

Instead of downloading, is there a way to have the video play in a browser window, similar to how a link to a video on Google Drive plays?

In reading some forum posts, it looks like the built-in Twonky server (which is enabled on my NAS) does something like that, but it appears to require a DLNA client to play a video. (I don’t fully understand this stuff, so my terms may be wrong.)

If there’s not a way to directly play a video in a browser window, is there some type of server software, preferably simple and low cost, that I can install on a Windows computer that will provide this functionality?

Thank you in advance.

Generally, no. Remote access to a video file using typically requires the user to download the file (or begin downloading the file) before it begins playing on the client (end users) end.

Depending on what specific My Cloud unit you have there may be third party apps/modules or custom user created modules that might provide some sort of functionality that might come close to what you seek.

But in the end, the My Cloud generally isn’t designed to do what you want it to do in this instance using the WD remote access options. Not sure if using the insecure FTP option would be any better.

One possible way to partially accomplish what you seek is to setup a VPN server on the local network the My Cloud is on, then use a VPN client to access that remote local network. From there one would have access to their My Cloud as if they were on the same local network as the My Cloud. One could then use a DLNA client (like BubbleUPnP) to access the media assuming one has the Twonky Media Server enabled. Also when using a VPN tunnel it may be possible to use the My Cloud mobile app for iOS or Android to play the video file.

One other option is to use Plex if one can get it installed to their My Cloud, or installed to another local network device on the same local network as the My Cloud. Once Plex is setup and one enables Plex’s remote access feature one can stream media remotely from that Plex media server. Note Plex Pass (which costs money) may be required for remote access streaming from Plex.

Thank you, Bennor.

I have Plex (without Plex Pass), which I sometimes use for local viewing, and am only partly satisfied with it – mainly because of how it displays the videos (it doesn’t always follow the folder structure). Mostly I just use VLC to view video files, which I have on most of my devices.

For external use, I’d like something simpler. No artwork and other features. I’d just like to watch the video (or possibly photos) in a browser.

Thank you again for your suggestions.

Hey, it depends on the browser you are using to play videos. There are different browsers available on the internet. Each of them can offer you another way of interacting with videos. You can search for that in your browser user instruction, or if you don’t find how to share a video file link. Hence, it plays in a browser, you can take a look at royalty free videos website. There you might get the answer to your question in a video format. Hope you will find a way to fix your problem as soon as possible.