How to setup OS3 device after April 2022?

Hi all:

I have two WD MyCloud EX2 devices that I intend to keep as local storage devices after April 2022. I understand all the issues associated with this. What I would like to know is how to set up the devices after they will no longer be able to be setup by connecting to the service (let’s say a drive dies and I need to replace it).

Edit: For clarification, right now, I can type http://wdmycloudEX2 and it takes me to a drive setup routine. But does this require any online assistance from WD (which would go away after April next year)?

Hi @sktn77a,

Please refer to the article of My Cloud OS 5: How to Update From My Cloud OS 3:

Thanks. Yes, that will take me to the same drive setup point but is there any need for contact with the WD servers to complete that?

Online authentication is a feature of the MyCloud Home line of products and the new OS/5.

It is not a feature of OS/3.

So everything should be ok, in terms of setting it up with a new HDD in a year or two?

There should not be a problem to continue using it after April. The “http://wdmycloudEX2” is actually an alias for your NAS local IP address, so typing that, or your device’s local IP, should bring you to the setup page like before, without connecting to any WD servers at all.


I have in the last few months setup an EX2 Ultra completely disconnected from the internet.

when I enter “http://wdmycloudEX2” into my browser, I get this response:

It’s not a problem as if you just enter the IP address of your EX2, you’ll get to its login screen

Is the device name wdmycloudex2? Or did you rename it in the dashboard?

Example: I named my unit “Fred”. It’s on address

NOTE: "\ " has an extra space - - - this editor doesn’t allow double slash to by typed

From browser, “\ \Fred” or \ \ both yield the dashboard.
From file explorer address bar, “\ \Fred” or \ \ both yield the dashboard.
From file explorer address bar, //Fred" or // both yield the devices files.

**edit: I may have the slash directions reversed

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