How to set up Smartware on new computer with all files copied

I probably worded that badly, but here’s what I need to know: I bought a new computer and manually copied all my files from the old computer to the new one. Smartware was set up on the old computer and files were backed up at 0300 each day. How do I install Smartware on the new computer to continue the same backup procedure? I don’t need to retrieve any files, just designate which folders to back up and when. Old computer was running Windows 7, new one is running Windows 8.1.

The new backup will not interfere with the old one.

Just install and select the backup plan you want to create. 


The installation procedure will be the same. Now, the WD Smartware will create a new backup for the new computer, you wont be able to set the same backup that you were running before.

In other words, I cannot simply have my new computer pick up the existing backup plan—including all the files that were backed up to the My Book drive—but I must define the same backup plan with my new system and back up all those gigs of files again? When the new backup is completed, can I delete the old one? Oy.