How to set up Network Share on Windows 7 64 bit

I have a Live Plus that is hard wired into my Windows 7 64bit desktop and I cant get it to connect to my network to utilize network share. I get nowhere with it. There isnt an error message, there isnt any action whatsoever, I scroll video/network share, press enter and nothing at all.

I’m plugged directly into my router with a cat cable. Has anybody had success with this?

rocks911 wrote:

…Has anybody had success with this?

Yeah, MOST people.  ;)

Well congratulations. I’ve found that a lot of people are having trouble with this. Your reply was too short to say so but are you operating with W7 64bit?

While I appreciate the link thats the first thing I did, I totally disabled the firewall and it still doesnt see my network. 

I found a youtube video:

But trying to watch that is another problem. It stops playing randomly. I just got this desktop running W7 64 bit and it is buggy buggy buggy. I’ve updated Flash, Adobe and everything I can think of to get it to play and it just wont, but thats another problem entirely.

I had hoped that this forum might help a little more than “it’s a firewall thing” because it isnt.

rocks911 wrote:

Your reply was too short to say so but are you operating with W7 64bit?

Yep…  I have my iTunes library on my Windows box so I have a share set up for AUDIO for that.

See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps:

DOS screenshot.png

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I think I’ve reached exhaustion. I’m a fireman by trade and have learned what little I know about computers along the way and it seems I cant keep up with technology. I’ve been trying to get this new PC to cooperate for days now and I just cant do any more today, I’ve been looking at this screen all day. Does what I posted look like I’m configured correctly?

Alright, well I finally have some free time to crack this nut…so…here are the results:

First I opened CMD and typed “net view”

The results were: \DS-HP


I then typed “nbtstat -a DS-HP”

The results were:

Local Area Connection IP Address

NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table








I then typed “nbtstat -a WDLIVETVPLUS”

The results were:

Wireless Network Connection

Node IP Address

NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table






MAC Address = 68-A3-C4-EA-B8-BB

My setup is awfully straightforward, I have a new PC running W7 64 bit. I set up only 1 account with this PC and it’s name is DS (Actually because my name starts with a “D” I named the account D’s, as in D’s computer) I have an Actiontec M1424WR router (Verizon FIOS) and my WD is connected to the router via CAT6 cable.

What does all this mean? I apologize in advance as I’m no great tech guy, just a fireman who enjoys media in my mancave and is in way over his head here, so please be kind. Thanks.

Well, as I figured, the info didnt stay formatted as I wanted it to. Tony asked that I enter the text rather than the screenshot and unfortunately a mess is what I ended up with…sorry. I hope it is understandable.

Alright.  There’s some discrepencies between your “Picture” post (which is now visible) and your “Text” post.

In your Picture post, it appears that your PC is running Wired and Wireless simultaneously, and has two separate IP addresses.

But in your TEXT post, the output is different.

Running multiple network adapters simultaneously can have all kinds of issues with Microsoft networking.

If your PC actually WIRED to your network, then I would suggest you DISABLE the Wireiess adapter.

Thanks for the quick reply Tony. The screenshot is not my current configuration, that was several days and many hours of tweaking later.

My PC is hard wired to my router. My WD is hard wired to my router.  I also use wireless from time to time with 2 PS3’s and a latop. I play PS3 video games online and connect to the router wirelessly with 2 different PS3’s in the house and I also have a laptop downstairs that also connects wirelessly. Is this mixed system\process really troublesome? Doesnt everybody have a wired and wirless network running simultaneously?

If I have to disable the wireless connectivity to accomplish a network connection with the WD I’ll just continue to connect to my PC’s libraries through my Serviio media server and be done with this project. I would just prefer to connect directly and not have to use Serviio. 

No, there’s no problem if some of your devices are wireless and some are wired…  It’s only (sometimes) an issue for a single devices to do BOTH at the same time (except, of course, for the wireless router.)

… and your picture shows that your PC *is* trying to use both at the same time.

So I’m not sure what I’m seeing…  From your TEXT scrape, the Workgroup all looks correct, because it doesn’t show any wireless information like your screen-scrape did.

So, yes, a Mixed System can be troublesome.

Again, if you’re trying to use both wired and wireless, shut off the wireless interface and try again.

If you’re NOT trying to use both interfaces, is may be that just by default both ARE on.