How to set password for folders on WD TV Live Hub?


I screened through manual but, couldn’t find a way out (Perhaps, I missed.) I only managed to find the folder lock on system->device security->Set New Password->Folder Lock which isn’t what I want.
It seems to be locking only one folder. As I’m having tenant at home, I don’t want them to see my whole catalogue of iTunes Media(Btw, it’s still not working yet.) and Photos. Is there anyway that I can give read or write permission or password protected access folder like how we normally do network share on Mac and windows? I don’t know how to interpret properly as I’m not techie guy.

What I want to do is
Videos -> Read access only for my tenant

iTunes Media -> Password protected as I don’t wanna let him see at all

Photos -> Same as iTunes

Can anyone help me out with this?

Nope, it can’t be done.

Since the HUB cannot do what you want, how about putting the media on another computer and accessing it from the HUB. You could set permission via the OS on the individual shares. 


Thanks TonyPh12345 for the reply.
Since it cannot be done such way, what about setting password for WD TV Live Hub?

Can it be done? As I can see from my Mac that I’m accessing WD TV Live Hub as “Guest”.

I’m so sorry to come out with lots of questions as I’m pretty new to this networking stuff.
I’m still finding out lots of new stuffs about networking after I bought this thing. :smiley:

Thanks pearl for the reply as well.

My main intention of buying this box is to put media on it. So that, it makes some space for my Mac.

For movies, I’m okie to share with others.

But, my photography images are the one that I treasure most and do not want anyone to misuse them.
Regarding iTunes, I don’t wanna let others mess up my collections. Anyway, that iTunes thingy isn’t working so far as others reported. So, I moved back the iTunes media to my mac.

The only way to do so is like what you say if I need them on HUB.

So, right now, I’m just putting some eBooks & movies to make some space on my MBP.