How to select .srt subtitle files for DVD .iso movies?

How do I select an external .srt subtitle file for a DVD .iso movie?

It doesnt work, it only lists the subtitles from the original iso… bah

Another annoyance is when I add new files and they don’t appear in the file browser nor the movie list… I have to delete the catalogue data and build it again then the files show up… but the movie info with the picture and summary that I previously added is gone to. not good

Yeah, I can find annoyances pretty fast…

You can’t use external Subs.   DVDs don’t work that way.   There’s no timing reference to base SRTs from.

You don’t have to clear the catalog;  just restart the Hub.   Go to SETUP / SYSTEM / SYSTEM RESTART.

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Is there a fast way to conver DVD to mkv so I can add the subtitles later?

The fastest method is probably MakeMKV, which rips the DVD and muxes the existing audio/video streams into an MKV container (no re-encoding, hence fast but large filesize; not an issue if you already use ISOs).

You can use makemkv or DVDFAB! Both free and easy to use… Very easy

thanks for the tips guys Will try that :wink: