How to select files to back up


How can I select what files I want the “MY book” to monitor and back up? The preset selections (categories) are too broad, and include things that I do not want or need backed up. How can I change this?


Smartware backs up with it’s own plan and is selective on what file types get backed up. I only used it once so I don’t know how much you can alter it now.



Unfortunately these are the only categories you can choose to be backed up. The option would be to choose what you would like to keep. When you go threw the retrieval stage. Then delete unnecessary files.


At this time WD Smartware is designed to backup categories, it means will backup the pics, docs, vids or music files, however you can open an Idea thread requesting WD to change that feature on WD Smartware and let us backup specific folders instead of categories.-


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Smartware doesn’t let you. If you’re on a Windows computer then use Windows Backup with your drive or Time Machine if you have a Mac, they come with your computer and give you more freedom.


I found the replies all helpful!