How to "see" the conents of the mirror drive

OK, silly question I am sure.  I have a new 2TB myBook. Windows XP, all set up just fine, windows can “see” the drive (G in my case) and correctly shows ~1 TB capacity.  I get all that.

So, copy a few files to G, works great, all cool.  But how do I *know* for sure that those few files are copied to the mirror drive?  How can I see evidence?  I had thought windows would recognize two drive letters and I could “explore” either one.

Obviously I am missing somehting here.  Thanks for any response.

Can you click on the file once it is in the WD book?  I was on line with support to set mine up and I have completely forgotten. I should have taken notes.  Can you possibly tell me how to copy the files into the WD book?


Well, on mine I have no problem seeing 1/2 of the device, and yes, I can see and click on and open/work with files stored on my MyBook (“G” ) in my case.  Since I have a 2TB device using mirroring, what I can navigator to and click on is the second (mirror) disk so I can see my duplicate (mirror) copy of that file there - but apparently that is how it is suppossed to work.

Now, If my primary of the two disks ever fails, I am unclear at this time as to how I retrieve the files that have been mirrored/copied to the second disc.