How to rollback WD My Cloud mirror gen 1 from DSM to orignal firmware WD?

Hello everyone,

I recently migrated the firmware from my WD My Cloud Gen1 Mirror to DSM 5 (Synology). I am not satisfied with this migration and I want to return to the original firmware of WD. I found the .bin file of the original firmware but I do not know how to reinstall it. I searched for a procedure on this forum and Goog … but I found nothing easy to implement.

Would anyone know a proven procedure, detailed and very clear to perform this operation?

Big thanks

Your best bet is probably the recovery files and procedure here from the same source as the DSM migration files and procedure you used.

The Readme-en.txt file gives the recovery procedure.

Thank you. I try…

The procedure as described is not very understandable to me and seems to me “cryptic”. I would need a step-by-step procedure with download links. I know, I ask a lot…
Thank you by advance.

Spelling it out is easier said than done. The good news is they don’t look worse than the steps you followed to get where you are but I’ll try to interpret them where I can for you (in bold) copy/pasted here:


! Please, install necessary software form _software folder first! (download file called and extract to a folder someplace. Other folders referred to in these instructions are all probably within that folder. Install whatever software from the _software folder within there that you need on your PC for these steps. You must have done this already as part of Fox_exe’s instructions to install DSM if you’re on the same computer you did that on.)

=== BOOT TO RECOVERY === (Fox_exe’s instructions had you performed these steps 1-8 when installing DSM, so do them the same here. These get your mycloud booted via network in a temporary state.)

  1. Change computer IP adress to (Mask:, gateway and dns - empty)

  2. Change MAC address in _Start_Ping.bat

  3. Run _Start_DHCP.bat and _Start_TFTP.bat

  4. Power ON WDMC

  5. Run _Start_ping.bat (And run again and again until its start ping WDMC)

  6. In DHCP window you can see something like this:
    DHCPREQUEST for 00:90:12:34:56:78 () from interface received
    Host 00:90:12:34:56:78 (Host009012345678) allotted for 36000 seconds

     	DHCPDISCOVER for 00:90:12:34:56:78 () from interface received
     	Host 00:90:12:34:56:78 (Host009012345678) offered
  • And inside tftp window:
    Client data\, 1 Blocks Served
    Client data\bootimage, 11574 Blocks Served
  1. Wait few seconds. You can close _Start_ping window. No need it anymore.
  2. When you see Green light - all done, you can connect to WDMC via Telnet ( by default or mycloud.local)


  1. Download and unpack OMV or Backup (Original FW) to folder called “root” (where the “bootimage” and “” files are located) (For a file with Original FW you would probably download from WD’s site or somewhere else on these forums. If you don’t see a folder called “root” to put it in try looking for one called tftproot instead.)
  2. Run this commands (tftp upload of rootfs.img runs very long, be patient.):
  • Note: You can upload *.tar.gz and unpack it on device:
    tftp -g -b 8192 -r original_v4.01.02-417.tar.gz
    tar xvzf original_v4.01.02-417.tar.gz
  • Of course, do it instead of “tftp…” command’s below. (Step 2 here sounds like it applies after the first two commands below and is saying that you can run a single command to pull up a tar.gz to your mycloud and unpack it there. Or instead, you can first unpack the 3 files you want from it on your PC and then use the 3 commands starting with tftp below to grab those 3 files you are interested in. Also it says if you do the single tftp command from up here, you would not do those 3 tftp commands below, pick one way or the other.)

mount /dev/sda4 /mnt
cd /mnt
(here is where you pick how to get files onto you mycloud, either with the next 3 commands below or the single command way from step 2 above, your choice.)
tftp -g -b 8192 -r rootfs.img
tftp -g -b 8192 -r kernel.img
tftp -g -b 8192 -r config.img
mdadm -S /dev/md* 2> /dev/null
mdadm --create --force /dev/md0 --verbose --metadata=0.90 --raid-devices=2 --level=raid1 --run /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2
dd if=rootfs.img of=/dev/md0
dd if=kernel.img of=/dev/sda5
dd if=config.img of=/dev/sda7
cd /
umount /mnt

  1. After that - WDMC is poweroff and ready to use in normal mode.


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I’m trying to follow these instructions to reinstall the default firmware on my WD My Cloud Mirror Gen1 after trying and failing to get Debian working on it.

The problem I’m hitting is that the firmware download from the WD site is a single .bin file called My_Cloud_BZVM_2.12.144.bin and I have no idea what to do with this file as the instructions say to unpack the firmware file, but how do you unpack a .bin file?