How to restore a deleted profile?

I have a question regarding the possibility to restore a deleted profile. Unfortunately the current  profile MyProfile I use for synchronisation has lost som files. However, in the past I used another profile, which I decided to delete. If it is possible to restore the old profile the lost files should be present on the old profile. Now I have discovered that the old deleted profile is still on the wd passport  hard drive. However, the old profile is located on a catalogue named DmailerData while the alive profile is located under WDSyncData. My question is if it is possible to manually drag and drop the old profile from the Dmailerdata catalogue to the WDSyncData catalogue in order to restore the old profile?

No that I know, However, it might be possible to restore the files using a free data recovery software. Use the link below to find some of this apps:

whenever I open Synch my system justs backs up but I cannot access My Profile to change the synch settings.  I cannot find WDSynchData - any suggestions

Look in Here…

I hope this might help you.

Mabikay - SLK

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