How to reset MBL IP address


I had my MBL connected to my wireless router with IP. I had to move the wireless elsewhere so I connected MBL to the Verizon cable router with IP of

Now, I cannot connect to it. When I go My Cloud, it says “device is offline. Check your internet connection, enable remote access, and then try again”.

How can I reset the IP address? When I log in to my router, on the llist of devices I do not see MBL.


When I try to re-install by running WDLink.exe, I get “No network storage found. Please make sure your network storgae is poswered on and properly connected to the Local Area Netwrok”. It is powered on and it is conncetd to the network; I see the green light next to the ethernet ports on the drive and router.

I used the trusty old reset button to reset it to factory defaults and ran wdlink.exe to find the drive again.

I got a dynamic IP address and went through the settings to change it to static IP. It is all OK now.

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I’m glad it’s working now, and I thank you for sharing the outcome.