How to reset lost Password?


Need to recover password to use a 2 TB My Book for Macintosh

Do not need any of the data currently on the disk.
Would like to format and erase all data on the drive for use with Windows 10.

Thank you.

If the drive appears in Disk Management you should be able to re-format it there

  1. Type Control Panel in the search box.
  2. Click Control Panel .
  3. Click Administrative Tools .
  4. Click Computer Management .
  5. Click Disk Management .
  6. Right click on the drive or partition to format and click on Format .
  7. Select the file system and set the cluster size.
  8. Click OK to format the drive.

If that does not work, the other “sure fire” way (but more time consuming) is to remove the hard drive from the external enclousure and connect it directly to your PC (or put it in a 3rd enclousure or Sata to USB adaptor) … then go to Disk Managment and Format it.

Hi Joey,

Was able to reformat the unit and use it on Windows 10.
Still recieving errors doing a Windows backup however.

Thank you.