How to replace an old hdd with a new pc ssd

Windows 10 64bit
I have purchased a WD Blue PC SSD to replace the old HDD in my laptop and I need to transfer my data. Are there any instructions for duplicating the old drive and completing the swap?

The drive is smaller than the old HDD because it still gives me 100Gb expansion over the existing data size. It would be helpful to have some guidance for managing the partition reduction - and here I assume the duplication software may not manage this automatically.

There is no USB cable with the new drive. I think the spec should say that a cable will be needed for this situation because I imagine this will be a very common procedure as more SSDs are installed. I expected a cable to be included and was disappointed it was not.


Here is an article that can help you to replace an old hard drive to new SSD ( But before trying any experiment, I suggest you consult with the manufacturer of the storage device.

And back up all the data before moving from old Hard Drive to the new SSD Drive

Thank you for replying. I’m pleased to say that I managed to fit the new SSD shortly after posting the comment and would recommend this upgrade for anyone who is impatient… :slight_smile: I was really worried but the event was hassle-free. It happens that I use a backup product called EaseUS and amazingly it has an HDD-SSD clone feature which also compresses a larger drive to a smaller one. The clone took 30mins for 140Mb on a 950Mb drive to a 250Mb SSD and 15mins to swap over the drive. The increase in performance was amazing. I used to sit around waiting for it to boot. The first switch-on gave the login prompt so quickly I wondered if something was wrong. Of course it’s 6months on and I’m back to tapping fingers and muttering “come on, hurry up”… to a machine that is 5x faster than it used to be. I maintain a friend’s PC which only has an HDD - it’s so slow… So I am really grateful for my new SSD.