How to recovery data for external HDD

My name is Hany and I bought WD External Harddisk with serial number is [Deleted].

My friend has gave password on my WD and unfortunately he forgot the password and reset my WD. After that all my data are lost. The biggest part the contents of my WD is my dissertation resources and also my dissertation too. That’s make me so sad.

Regarding my problem, would you help me to bring my data back or recovery my data? I need my data badly.

I don’t know where else to ask for help because I’ve already ask so many people to recovery my data back but they cannot do bring my data back. So I need your help…many thanks


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You’re in the wrong forum, I think.

This forum is for the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.

The forum I think you’re wanting is for WD External USB disks:

But to answer your question, as far as I know there is NO WAY to recover the data.   If there were, then the encryption password would be useless.

You probably also want to delete the Serial Number from your post for security reasons…

Hi, Have you tried anything using recovery software? If not then try Remo Recover on the external drive. It will work out

Between the encryption and resetting the drive he probably reformatted the drive and wiped out everything on it. You are out of luck. You unfortunately learned a valuable lesson. Never trust important data to just one drive.


You can recover data from external HDD with data recovery softwaer, see this guide that helpd me before: external hard drive data recovery

hope this helps.

Thank you for your suggestion…

yeah…i’m very unlucky then…