How to recover if one disk physically breaks (fails)


The situation has arised where inside of my 4TB WD Sharespace, one of the disks unfortunately have physically been damaged to the extent it will not work anymore. I have looked at the inside of the Hard drive and well you can see why it doesn’t work.

So I now have three hard drives outside of the machine. I plan to put it back together but I have no idea how to recover the system. Do I need to purchase a 4th Harddrive or can I recover the files for now. I really am very new to raid technology so I hope you can help me out.

Warm Regards,

Alan “Coldbolt” Reid


It would help if you could provide more information, such as what type of RAID configuration you have, size of hard rrives you have in the machine, and what events lead up to the failure.


You may put back the drives in the same slots they were before.  If it was configured as RAID 5, as it comes from factory,  it will automatically rebuild when the faulty drive is replaced.