How to recover deleted files

I was doing some file tidy up and went to delete a single empty folder.
It warned about permanently deleting to which I clicked OK, I only had that one folder checked.
I was horrified to see other files not highlighted being deleted in rapid succession so clicked cancel as fast as I could.
I have lost about 30 files and two directories.
I tried a couple of file recovery programs that I had, (Recuva and Pandora) but they don’t see the network drive.
Anyone know of a way to recover deleted files from WDMyCloud?

the only way I know of is to remove the drive and mount it on another Linux system and use a recovery program. I don’t recall any program names but search the form as a few have been listed.

for future reference always have a backup as drives fail, mistakes happen …

how confident are you that only 1 folder was selected? what were you using to do the delete?

Usual Windows delete, check the folder, click delete, ok the warning.
This happened twice but I stopped it real quick.
I had a good look around in the directory I was in, and lost two folders in that directory and about 20 files.
Other directories did not appear to have been affected.
I had backups, but not of this directory, it was one I had just created and moved files in to.