How to read MS office files (word/excel) in the phone apps of my cloud?

I am using iOS/Andriod version of My Cloud apps.
Wanna to open a Word/excel file inside the cloud but cannot open any apps which can reading it, what can i do?

I have no problems opening MS “Office” type documents like Word, PowerPoint or Excel on my iOS devices. SOMETIMES if advanced features are used, the pages don’t render correctly, but it’s not typical.

I don’t have to open them in any app, they display right in the My Cloud app. If I want to modify them, I open them in the iOS applications like Pages or Numbers.

What problem are you seeing when trying to open Word / Excel files?

With Android have you looked in the Google Play store for Apps that will open Word and Excel files for you?

I have all of them on mine and have no problems opening anything that I have on my My Cloud using the My Cloud Mobile App.