How to read from USB card reader with My Passport Wireless Pro

Based on the compatible devices list the Vivitar Card Reader/Writer - VIV-RW-5000-BK-FRY which I have is not seen even with an SD card plugged in. What do I need to do to get the reader and card recognized.

I believe you are just to insert a SD card directly into the MPW and not also use a card reader.

I only used an SD card to check if it would work and it was handy, as this card reader is capable of many different cards,

Need some clarification: are you plugging the card reader into a computer, have the MPW also attached to computer via USB and trying to read a card’s data?. (This should work) Or, are you plugging a card reader into the MPW SD slot? This will not work).

I see, Pro can handle card readers, and MPW can’t. Oops.

What I found was the card reader had an issue with itself. I did an exchange for a new one and it works.
The other thing is it does not register the card(s) very quickly when they are plugged and especially the CF card in the My Cloud Android app.