How to reactivate a current shared folder running in another computer

Hi, I have a question, hope someone really can help me with this, I have a device My Cloud, for like 2 months, but since a month ago I had a problem in the network at home as the access to the device (console) was very slow, sometimes says is not available etc. Due this I use to had to make a resets in the device but last week I had to do a hard reset (40 seconds reset), so when It came up is asked me to enter my name and configure all the device again, I did it and now is running also better, BUT the problem is that before I had a share folder running in a remote computer from where I do backups, so after the reset, I got a new code to activate the account (same email address used before), so when I connect to the remote computer I can see the share folder but is not sync with my device because of this reset… SO my question is how can I use the new code to recover the connectivity with this folder and don’t loss the information I had there?

In the Dashboard what devices do you have showing as having remote access to your My Cloud? You get a code when you want to add another device. If that device is not showing then you have to use the code you received to give it access again.
I suggest you look at the Dashboard and read all the Help information provided.

See example image below.

Hi! thank you for reply, I saw your photo, I use to see it like that, saying that my remote computer was running fine, but now is empty the dashboard, that’s why I have the new code, so when I go to my remote machine and look in the WD Sync app, there is no option to enter a new code, I think maybe will have to remove the app from my remote machine and install it back… I called to Support center of WD but they have no idea about it, the ones here in Australia