How to re-enable usb port on My Cloud 3TB?

Like a lot of you, I have stopped a lot of services to ensure my drive isn’t always reindexing, but I seem to have killed the usb connection in the process. What service do I need to restart the usb connection (and the syntax as well, if possible)?

Well I thought I had found the fix further down the forum, but although I can now see my usb drive, its reported as being 0kb in size. So it looks like I will be needing a proper fix for this after all.

Hi there,

I have not tried this, but lets see if another user that has done this can share tips and information on how to have your unit back to normal.

You can also try to do a system only restore to see if it can fix the issue, but I would recommend this only if you do not find a way to do it since it will reset all the settings back to factory defaults, however the data will be intact.