How to move My Passport drive to another computer


On my current computer, when I boot the computer, I login to WD Smartware (Version, and it shows two ‘drives’ in Windows Explorer:  WD SmartWare (G:) and My Passport (H:).

I am in the process of moving to a newer Windows 7 (64-bit) laptop, and want to copy files stored on my 'My Passport (H:) drive to the new computer.  However, when I plug in the external My Passport drive, the only thing that shows up is WD Smartware.  Does this mean I have to install WD Smartware before I can see my Passport drive?

Oh, I just read the “What is this.html”, and it mentions that I could use the Unlock  Application to make the files available.  However, I’m a little wary of doing that in a Windows 7 64-bit environment with this old versioin

So should I update the WD Smartware version first on my current computer (Windows XP 32 bit), and then take the Passport drive to the new Windows 7 64 bit environment?   When I click on the Update Software button within WD SmartWare, does that update the VCD on the Passport drive?

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Hi there, it should work without updated but they are needed to improve performance… Ifr you have a password then you need to unlock the drive on the Smartware VCD (H drive on your computer), if not, then check if the drivers are installed or if the drive is on disk management (right click computer> manage> disk management).

If you need the drivers on device manager (Not on disk management), then the extras folder on Smartware holds them!

Hope it helps! ^^

Thanks PizzaMatrix.  Yes, I was able to unlock the drive on the new computer and access the files.    I also did update the software to  When I did that, did that update the Smartware software on the VCD?  I think the VCD is the Smartware directory on the drive, which is what I see before I unlock the drive.

If I want to permanently move the My Passport drive to the new computer, do I then install SmartWare from the VCD onto the new computer?



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Hi again!! The software is updated on your computer since the VCD is just a partition on the drive with the software, so each time you need to install the Smartware I would suggest to do it directly from WD’s website to get the lastest version (The drive itself won’t remember the update because it is applied to the computer, not to the drive or VCD, however, the firmware update is the one applied to the drive) :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the clarification!