How to mount ATA password locked HDD in Windows

Hi all. I have a WD HDD that is ATA password locked. I want to connect this via eSATA to a Windows PC so I can use a custom program to unlock the HDD. However, Windows does not seem to mount the HDD when it detects it as locked. This works fine in Linux. Is there a way to make this also happen in Windows?

I don’t understand why your “custom program” is expecting your drive to be “mounted”. Does the drive show up in Device Manager? Does your program preserve your data?

I dont know if “mounted” is the proper word. I just need it to be accessible via Windows’ APIs.

As for your question, it seems to vary based upon OS (or possibly the eSATA hardware/driver). On a Windows 7 laptop, it does not show up in Explorer, Device Manager, or Disk Management. On a Windows XP desktop, it shows up in Device Manager at least.

See this thread for a DOS method for unlocking your drive: