How to mount an external NTFS formatted HDD to a different samba share?


Hello. I have an external NTFS formatted HDD, and I connect it to My Cloud by USB. Every time I connect this drive it creates a new share with the name of the Drive. Unfortunately, when I disconnect it - the share disappears and the next time I connect it I have to configure everything from the beginning (disable Public acess, allow it for specified users, etc.). Those settings are also lost after my cloud reboot.
Is it possible to create a new Share that would never disappear, and mount the drive with specified unique ID (or something like this) to it? Would that be safe? (I don’t want a situation where all files on the external HDD are getting deleted). If yes, could somebody write a tutorial how to do it, what configuration files to edit, etc.?


Seems like the problem I described (lost shares configuration) is gone!

I used a modified /CacheVolume/user-start script and disabled too many wd services in order to prevent random drive wake-ups. It caused a problem where settings were lost after My Cloud reboot or external HDD disconnect.
For now I only stop “wdmcserverd”, “wdphotodbmergerd”, “S20restsdk-serverd” and “cron” in my user-start script, and the external drives are mounted correctly, settings are remembered.

So basically with the official, unmodified firmware the problem I described in my first post should not be present at all.



Thanks for sharing this information.