How to make WD1600HLFS velociraptor work on SATA1 mainboards

One of my clients has a PC for retro-computing stuff (configuration:

  • AMD Sempron 2800+ 2GHz socket 462,
  • 2GB ddr333 cl2.5;
  • mainboard Asrock K7VT4A Pro, VIA KT400A chipset, southbridge VIA8237 (with the latest BIOS version)
  • Windows XP with slipstreamed SATA drivers included
  1. What jumpers configuration should we use in order to make the velociraptor WD1600HLFS work on this configuration?
  2. Are any other things we should consider so that the drive appears in the BIOS?

Some notes:

  1. the drive is used without an IceCube adapter;
  2. the drive works on other more recent BIOSes/PCs;
  3. the client’s previous Raptor drive was/is working ok on the same configuration … but I’m not a connoisseur on how Raptors use to work)
  4. some forums claim issues between VIA8237 and Velociraptors, but others claim that the 160GB drive works with this chipset (I had a look on wikipedia and there it seems there are also 2 drives (gen3 and gen5) which have the same size)

Thank you!

Hi @radui,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi @Keerti_01,
Thank you for your input; I hadn’t opened a support case because I thought my problem is something easy to fix and/or a well known scenario.
I will talk with my client and we’ll continue as best for both.
All the very best!