How to make MyCloud as a external driver to iMac?

I tried to connect my MyCloud to iMac and can get connected with my original ID.

  1. However, I wonder if I can open MyCloud just like any other folders where I can drag in and out the files easily? I cant do it now.
  2. I also want to set it up as my Mac time machine, but it does work at the end.

if you have the new My Cloud Home you would need to install WD Discovery and it will mount the private user space as a drive.

Time Machine does work but you would need to sign in as guest when setting it up.

if you have an older My Cloud device (not the Home) there is a different process that would need to be used.

Thank you! Really appreciate your timely contribution!

My device is not the new My Cloud Home. I am using the old My Cloud (white device, with 2TB). What different process should I use?