How to make 'My Cloud' show up as a local drive?


I need help!

I have our ‘My Cloud’ set up as the ‘hub’ for our house.  I use it for storing anything important, and all of our computers connect to it to save anything important.  For added protection, I subscribe to an offsite internet accessed backup service, which backs up the ‘My Cloud’ periodically.  My internet backup service can only back up things that show up on the ‘local drive’.  The ‘My Cloud’ shows up as a network drive.  I have mapped the ‘My Cloud’ per recommendation of tech support, but this does not fix the issue.  The computer still sees the ‘My Cloud’ as a network drive.  I have googled the issue extensively but the solutions I have found do not make sense to me as my knowledge of computers is average at best!

I was hoping someone here has a fix for this (refered to (via googling) as “tricking windows to see a network drive as a local drive”) and how exactly I am supposed to do this?!  Thank you in advace!!!

This is the most promising post I found:

but do not understand what I am reading…in particular, this: “it’s absurdly simple - I just bridged the two connections in windows, and with some minor tweaks it works - my desktop routes my NAS data to my lan :)”


My Cmputer -> Connect network drive…

And connect any shared folder as local drive (Drive letter: Z:\ by default)

Any other methods - not good.

For internal backup - just write simple .sh script (full backup + tar or 7zip archiving and rsync for incremental archiving) and put it to crotab (sheduler).

Then - upload dayly/weekly/mounthly archives to backup service (google drive,, dropbox, shared folder on another PC…)

Google for it.