How to know when sync is done?

Is there any simple way to see when the selected folder is synced completely?
Thank you!


User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

Have you looked at the Knowledge Base?
Search Support | Western Digital

Hi, cat0w!
Well, before posting, I tried to find some usable solution. The only one reasonable is almost useless, to check the folder size, as it takes several minutes to check folder size large 15 GB. And I bought storage with 4 TB!
And now I also searched the User Manual. I still can not believe that search result for word “sync” is nothing, same as “unsync”, also for “size”. Also checked online manual of WD Discovery, nothing.
Another issue is speed, although it is off-topic, but to take the whole day to sync 16 GB… Me freezed. I am very close to return it.