How to Jumper My 1TB Hard Drive

I’m updating my desktop from a 210gb IDE to a 1TB SATA. The IDE uses a plastic jumper, installed on one set, of FIVE sets of two pins, to designate the drive as the master or slave drive. This was my master drive. The SATA drive has FOUR sets of two pins. There’s nothing indicating which set of pins I should jumper to mark this as the master drive. Calling WD “technical support” was a waste of a call. Can ANYBODY tell me which set of pins I need to jumper OR if ANY pins need to be jumpered? If you know, please respond ASAP. Thx

Hello, cajun1955

Well, you can refer to the given KBA for the better assistance.

Sorry, but I already have that information and it’s about as clear as muddy water. Specifically, I have a Blue 1TB SATA internal drive. I want to set it up as the Master Drive. I have a second, 650MB SATA drive that I want to run as my Slave Drive. The Master Drive came with jumper pins. The secondary drive has no jumper pins. Therefore, isn’t the one, with the jumper pins, looking for a jumper, so that it KNOWS that it is the Master Drive? Right now, when I hook up both drives, the PC WILL NOT boot up. I disconnect the secondary drive and it does. Something weird is going on and I NEED SOME ANSWERS!

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