How to install on xp

I just bougt a my book essential 3.0 and I am trying to set it up on my my computer with XP system.  How do I install it or do I download  the Drive Firmware first.  I plugged the USB and power supply in but nothing comes up in My Computer.  I am confused on what to do I have never installed a external hard drive before.  Any help I would be grateful Thanks a lot.

I’m confused which drive My Book 3.0 or My book Essentials. The My book 3.0 doesn’t have software. What service pack level is your XP? If it didn’t sound when plugged in try a different port. Preferably one on the back and don’t use a hub.


It is the My Book Essential.  It didn’t make a sound when plugged in just lights blinking.  It is plugged into the back.  I am not sure which service pack it is my mom’s computer.