How to install MySQL and phpMyAdmin latest versions on My Cloud Ex2 Ultra

I like to know if it’s possible to install the latest versions of MySQL and phpMyAdmin on my WD Mycloud Ex2 Ultra.
If possible then i like to know how.
Many thanks already!

Did you check the AppStore in the WD Web Dashboard? I doubt these will be the latest version.

What I recommend instead is to install Docker and install any available MySQL version, etc. as a Docker container.

Docker can be installed directly from the WD App Store if I’m correct. Btw. you can build your own WD-compatible Docker application package.

Docker would resolve your missing dependencies issue to install new MySQL versions. Alternatively you could try installing MySQL through Entware (which is a 3rd party application).

I didn’t know this but I prefer to use Docker anyway since it’s a cleaner and more vanilla solution.

This is exactly what Docker is helping with. It separates every application from each other and you can run multiple instances of the same/similar application each with their isolated environment (libraries, dependencies, etc.)

The only thing you have to choose are the network ports due to overlap of the same ports.

Are you on OS5? I remember I installed Docker from the WD AppStore but this might have been on OS3.

I recommend to install a newer version of Docker for example from: Releases · WDCommunity/wdpksrc · GitHub

Or a more advanced approach: Build your own packages (explained in the Git Repository).