How to install My Book previously used om Win7 laptop to new Surface Book

My new Surface Book with Win 10 does not recognize my My Books (I 1TB and 2 3TBs) I used with my old Dell XPS L502X. Need help installing ithem to my Surface Book.

Are your hard drives encrypted?

I am a newbie but I don’t think so.

The first time I connected the 3 My Books, I actually saw the drives appear but I could not find them later. When disconnected and connected them again and nothing.

Thanks for your response, I transitioned from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and I am an familiar with the files explorer. I just found the drives by searching for external drives. Sorry!

I spoke too seen. While I can see the drive it disappears after a while. I will appear again when I turn it off and on again. Whay am I doing wrong?