How to install iperf?


I’m suspecting I have network issues in my installation and I’d like to use Iperf to measure my network performance. However, I’m not being able to install it into my cloud, and after some google I don’t find any info on how to install it on Debian 64k pagesize.
I’m running firmware V04.01.04.422, I’m know it’s outdated but as it’s doing it’s job I’d rather stick with it.

Could someone help me with this? Thanks in advance!

You need to build it patched with 64K pagesize memory patch, look for the build thread. Or see if the 64K repo by fox_exe has it.

How exactly are you measuring your network performance? MSS/MTU/Window size? I’ve done it before with iperf trying to tweak both server/client values but yield no satisfactory results.

For bandwidth measurements, you could easily do this with netcat, curl even wget.

Thanks Nazar78,

I had search at fox_exe repo before asking but I didn’t find it. I will look at your suggestions, I’m totally newby with Linux and I not familiar at all with this stuff.
I don’t really have a plan for measuring my network, I was reading about this kind of problems and almost everyone suggested using Iperf. First thing I need to know is the effective network speed I’m getting in my LAN between the different devices attached to it because it seems like I’m not getting full gigabit speed and wanted to test the different protocols (TPC, UDP) before trying to improve anything. In any case, as I told you I don’t have much experience so I will try test / error approach :sweat_smile:

From bandwidths, in samba shares, if you’re getting > 12.5MB/s wired than you’re beyond fast Ethernet 100Mbps :slight_smile: Usually with the v4 firmware, you should be getting average 60MB/s both ups and downs. Best downs are 90-108MB/s and best ups are 60-80MB/s.

For further TCP/UDP test, you could use Netcat aka nc which is available on MyCloud.

For the Win version,

If you need Dataset Definition aka dd,

Some test e.g. on MyCloud:
nc -vlp1234>/dev/null

On Windows:
dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024K count=100|nc 1234

Or switch them around, on Windows:
nc -l 1234>nul

On MyCloud:
dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024K count=100|nc 1234 is your MyCloud IP or Windows IP depends which you’re connecting to. 1234 is port. Add -u switch on both sides to netcat to switch to UDP. You may increase the dd count for longer test. Remember 1024K x 100.

Edited:Ok found the iperf I build long time ago, pm me if you still need.

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